The Anti-Social Social Network for Minimalists.
Daft Social lets you post and share notes, links or images by email subject only. From any email account.
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Q: How does Daft Social work?
A: Create a username and you’ll receive a secret email address. When you write to this secret email address, using only the subject line, you can publish notes, links or images on your profile page. You can use any email service.

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Q: Why does Daft Social only use the subject line?
A: Daft Social is all about simplification and reduction. The subject line doesn’t allow text formatting, the number of permitted characters is limited*, and it functions consistently across any email service.

*For most email services the technical limitation on subject line length is 988 characters (including spaces).
Q: How do I post links or images?
A: Write or copy a link to a website or an image into the email subject line and send it to your secret Daft Social email address. Please note: a link must contain http:// or https:// to be recognized as such.

Q: How can I delete a single post?
A: You can’t.
Q: What if i write text in the email body as well?
A: The email body won’t be published (along with attachments).
Q: What if i leave the subject line empty?
A: Posts with empty subjects lines won’t be published.
Q: Can I share my secret Daft Social email address?
A: Yes, it makes sense if you want to journal together. But otherwise, don’t.
Q: What if I lose my secret Daft Social email address?
A: If you already sent posts, you should find it in the sent emails folder.
Q: Does Daft Social support RSS?
A: Yes, just add an username to to get the RSS feed.

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Q: How do I delete my Daft Social account?
A: Login to delete your account. Please note: deleted usernames will be released again.
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