The amount of energy necessary to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.
You can build a business by giving everything away for free now so you can hopefully charge for things later. Or... You can build a business by charging for things first so you can give other things away for free later.
What you should work on in the Al era Scott believes that you should find things to build that used to be impossible that are now merely hard. He contrasts this with things that used to be hard and are now easy, which he thinks will not end up being durable businesses. In a comparison to the mobile era, fart apps (easy to build) are no longer around, but Uber (hard to build) is. He thinks the same thing will be true in the Al era. Find what used to be impossible, and build it. How to figure out what's merely hard — and not impossible The trickiest question in technology is how to figure out if something's hard but doable, instead of impossible. Scott suggested finding things "right at the ragged edge" by playing with new models as soon as they are released, trying to figure out what their new capabilities are. He talked about Github Copilot - Microsoft's programming assistant — as an example. When it was first prototyped, its suggestions were only accepted about 30 percent of the