1. No one waits to say yes. 2. The simple things are worth doing well, because they happen every day. 3. The stronger your reaction to something, the more you need to slow down. 4. The world optimizes the inessential, so be suspicious of what it has made easy. 5. Never organize what you can remove. 6. Identity and values shape our behavior, not motivation or hope. 7. An important aspect of growth is reconnecting to neglected parts of yourself. 8. Don't stay up late to do something you wouldn't get up early to do. 9. Clarity comes from engaging and experiencing, not thinking. 10. Happiness is navigating toward what you want, not away from what you do not. 11. Content eats the spirit. Log off. 12. Knowing when to stop is a form of talent.
Posted by Daftsocial on May 3, 2024